Black Friday

So, having looked through all the Big Five stores' Black Friday sales, we only have one question:

Where are the toys?

Everywhere this year is all about the electronics - even moreso than in previous years. HD TVs, HD DVD players, Wii systems... it's all high-priced technology. Well, that really doesn't help us out.

Black Friday is supposed to be all about shopping for Christmas, and Christmas is supposed to be all about kids - why, then, are all the big deals for things that adults would give each other (or, more likely, themselves)? The holidays are supposed to be the one time of year we stop thinking of ourselves and start thinking about our fellow man. The one time of year we don't act like complete dicks to each other. But this isn't encouraging that. This is an excuse to go get something nice expensive for yourself.

Of course, Toys R Us has a lot of sales, but even there, the only thing toy fans of our sort would care about is a half-priced Cybertron Optimus Prime. Wow, a figure that came out two years ago? What a deal! I wonder how they decided to discount that one.

If you want to clear some shelf space, how about a sale on Hasbro's terrible Spider-Man 3 movie figures or the equally ill-advised 5" FF movie toys? Or for all those people who like to claim Hasbro Legends aren't selling, why not those? You know what would be real neat to see go on sale? Movie Transformers. Sigma 6 - both sizes. The GI Joe 25th Anniversary Collection box sets. Or singles, for stores that still have any. The JLU and DCSH figures that won't sell (mainly the endless Supermen). How about some freaking Legos?

Black Friday is the day to go out and fight throngs of frantic shoppers to get some insanely good deals. But this year, there's no point in toy fans even getting out of bed. So stay home, don't bother with the crowds and save yourself the hassle. If you're going out in the morning, it's not for toys.

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