Superhero Squad surprise

On their official Superhero Squad site, Hasbro has pictures of the next eight SHS two-packs. And yeah, we've seen those all before, so it's old news, right? But there is some unannounced news on the site, if you know where to look for it. For example:

They have a link where you can download some Superhero Squad-themed wallpaper, with a battle scene between the X-Men and some Sentinels. Most of the figures are pretty standard, but there are two never-before-seen figs mixed in with the rest:

Yeah, check that out! Astonishing Cyclops and Professor X! Those figures haven't been announced, but Hasbro found a way to sneak them out there. Guess they're not showing all their cards yet, huh? Only two more months to Toy Fair!

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