GI Joe Movie Watch: Balancing the Scales

So far the news of the GI Joe movie casting has involved a woman and a ninja. Today's news involves a ninja and a woman.

The ninja is the conflicted Storm Shadow, who will be played by Byung-hun Lee, a Korean actor who hasn't yet made much of a name for himself in America, but that could change if he is indeed behind the white gi of Cobra Commander's main assassin. He's soon going to be in a movie with Josh "I was in Sin City but please forget Pearl Harbor" Hartnett, so that should get him some exposure, too. You can see a picture of the future Tommy Arashikage here.

The woman is the superb martial artist, Scarlett. She'll be played by Rachel Nichols, who was in the recent Amityville Horror remake, though even fewer people saw that than saw her in P2. She was also in the final season of Alias and new Oscar-bait Charlie Wilson's War. To see how well she'll capture the "look" of Scarlett, check out this picture. Yeah, we're sold! That's how she looked 10 days ago - think she'd been screentesting for the role?

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