OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, December 20

There's nothing in his pockets but knives, lint, and the OAFEnet Email Update.

Yeah, we saw the Dark Knight teaser trailer, too. Looks cool, doesn't it? 2008 is shaping up to be a good year for comic movies.

  • As we closed last week's OUE, we told you your preview was going to be posted Friday, which wasn't much of an advance look. True to our word, Friday everyone got to read Artemis's review of a second-generation character.
  • Do you own any toys you regret? Share your shame and read about others'.
  • We probably could have gotten away with posting our next review on Transformers Tuesday, even though it isn't technically a TF. It's still a shape-changing robot, after all. And it's from the company that gave the Transformers names and personalities in the first place. Man! Tell me again why we didn't hold this one 'til Tuesday?
  • Last weekend, yo posted a piece about a few imaginary GI Joe figures he'd want to see. We feel it necessary to point out that the speech balloons in the picture he linked aren't what the characters were originally saying.
  • Sunday's review is a figure that a lot of people have complained about, for one reason or another. Is it really as bad or as needless as the fanboys claim? Might be. You'll have to read the review for yourself.
  • Word broke this week about Hasbro's plans for the Marvel license in 2008 - start saving now.
  • We finally broke away from our seemingly never-ending slew of Marvel Legends reviews for something from another company. And a big sigh of relief went up from the assembled masses, who are sick to death of hearing about articulation and paint and blah blah blah. Take a break and cavort like the Greeks of old (you know the ones we mean).
  • The figure in this week's Transformers Tuesday review is bordering on being old enough for an Old Toys Month post, but since that's still, like, 5+ weeks away, we hurried it out now.
  • Want to see a surprising TF custom? It's definitely got a base no one has tried using before.
  • The subject of Wednesday's new review has what is arguably the single most confusing personal history of any character currently in comicbooks. Some folks only have minor continuity changes; this one gets completely rewritten every few months.
  • More GIJoe Movie casting news came out this week. Curious as to who the newest addition is? Well we've got a bit of a surprise, then, because this time they actually announced two new characters.
  • Not much to say about our next review. It's a character fans have wanted to see turned into a Marvel Legend pretty much since the beginning, but not in this costume. Does that mean you should pass it up and buy a custom from someone? Find out.
  • Don't forget, there's still time for you to get your nominations in for our annual Toy of the Year Awards.

Since it's nearly Christmas, we have a little bit of a surprise for you. It's kind of like the Email Update Exclusive that our email subscribers always get, in that it's an advance notice of an upcoming review. It's just a little bit too far in the future to be this week's EUE, but we're still going to give you a chance to guess what it is ahead of time:

This was a real person, but a lot of people consider him something of a character. He had long hair and some real wild ideas. He didn't always do what other people thought was right, but he laid down some inspiring words that a lot of us try to live by today. And if you need one more clue, his birthday is next week. Think you've got it? Then keep checking back at OAFEnet to see if you're right.

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