OAFEnet Update for Thursday, December 6

The OAFEnet Email Update is the only publication to be awarded both the Pulitzer Prize and Penthouse Forum's Letter of the Month in the same week.

Don't forget that December means it's nearly time for OAFEnet's annual ToY Awards, and you can tell everyone what you'd nominate right on our forum. Can you make a good enough case for your favorites to sway the results? Only one way to find out!

  • It was a very festive week for us, with all sorts of holiday reviews. But if the Rankin/Bass pictures on the front page kept you from clicking through to the reviews, you're in for a surprise. That may have looked like Frosty the Snowman smiling at you on Friday, but it wasn't.
  • What was the best toy you ever got for Christmas (or the holiday of your choice)? Share yours and see what other folks remember fondly.
  • Our first December review was also last week's EUE. It carefully treads the line between exploitative and not, between creepy and sad, but whatever your opinion of the subject, you have to admit: that's one hell of an impressive sculpt!
  • And on a similar note, here's a festive Christmas dirge, complete with downloadable MP3! Put this one on the stereo at your family's party and watch everyone drink themselves into a stupor trying to forget it.
  • As a massive storm hit the west coast of the US and dumped snow all the way to the eastern seaboard, a lot of people probably felt a new, intimate familiarity with the subject of Sunday's review. Just to be safe, go get your mittens and a cup of hot chocolate before you click on this link.
  • If that last post was too much for you, maybe your hate can keep you warm. Just try thinking about the rudest things you've ever seen your fellow toy fans do.
  • Our last holiday review landed on Monday, and he doesn't look too happy about being held back that long. It's gonna take more than a few carrots on a plate to placate him, this time.
  • McFarlane's Twisted X-Mas line was pretty good, but yo says there were a few characters they overlooked. Find out who (and maybe even suggest your own) on our blog.
  • Finally, it's the review you've been waiting for! One that isn't based on outdated Japanese info, and doesn't read like somebody typed it with their feet. Are you prepared for the majesty that is Transformers Tuesday? Watch out that this one doesn't betray you and try to steal your job.
  • The GI Joe movie has picked up a second actor, and this time it's one geeks will recognize. Fitting that the news was released on the Day of the Ninja.
  • To finish out our week, we posted two related reviews. If you get the urge to kneel while reading them, well, that's just natural. They link to each other (of course) but we also present them both here for your clicking ease.

And of course, since this is the first week of a new month, we have a new edition of our handy-dandy Flippin' Through Previews feature. Read it and learn!

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