GI Joe Movie Watch: Day of the Ninja

Last time we told you that the Baroness had been cast - today it's Snake-Eyes.

Yes, America's favorite mute Caucasian ninja has a face behind the mask, and it's not horribly scarred - yet. Ray Park is the man, apparently.

No, not the guy who did the Ghostbusters theme! That's Ray Parker, Jr. Come on, you know Ray Park: he's Darth Maul, the Headless Horseman, Toad... in short, a whirling dirvish of a man, capable of executing all those ninja moves with his mighty wushu. But yet again, he gets a role that both hides his face and his voice. Eventually Park will get to be himself on film, right? And will they ever get around to making the Iron Fist movie with Park as Danny Rand?

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