Halo 3 Spartan Soldier addendum

In today's McFarlane Toys Halo 3 review, yo brought up the number of joints the figure has, and how the number McToys is promising is misleading.

McFarlane's website (and even the back of the packaging) say the Spartans have 18 points of articulation, but yo says they have 38. How can we possibly have a 20-joint discrepancy on a 5" figure? It's all about semantics.

See, McFarlane claims the figure has 18 points of articulation; and they're not wrong. They're just counting points, not joints. Take a look:

01: neck 01: head balljoint
02: neck balljoint
02: right shoulder 03: torso swivel
04: shoulder hinge
05: bicep swivel
03: left shoulder 06: torso swivel
07: shoulder hinge
08: bicep swivel
04: right elbow 09: bicep swivel
10: elbow hinge
11: forearm swivel
05: left elbow 12: bicep swivel
13: elbow hinge
14: forearm swivel
06: right wrist 15: wrist balljoint
07: left wrist 16: wrist balljoint
08: torso 17: torso balljoint
18: torso hinge
09: right hip 19: hip swivel
10: left hip 20: hip swivel
11: right thigh 21: hip hinge
22: thigh swivel
12: left thigh 23: hip hinge
24: thigh swivel
13: right knee 25: thigh swivel
26: knee hinge
14: left knee 27: thigh swivel
28: knee hinge
15: right ankle 29: shin swivel
30: ankle hinge
31: foot swivel
16: left ankle 32: shin swivel
33: ankle hinge
34: foot swivel
17: right toes 35: mid-foot hinge
36: toe swivel
18: left toes 37: mid-foot hinge
38: toe swivel

So, as you see,by only listing 18 points of articulation, McFarlane is really underselling this figure. Yes, you can claim that the shoulder (for instance) is a single "point" on the body, but there are three cooperating joints on the toy that make that shoulder move. This is a stunning accomplishment on a figure that stands just 5 1/8" tall, and should really be celebrated. Thanks for coming through, McToys, and keep up the good work.

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