Flippin' through Previews - July '13

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover. Scheduled to start shipping in September.

We actually start with a comic this month, rather than a real toy. Page 118 has DC vs. MOTU #2.

The giant, winged Swamp Thing we showed you at Toy Fair is finally solicited on page 141.

Page 142 offers a New 52 Deathstroke and Arkham Origins Joker and Bane.

While the things in this Previews will begin shipping in September, many of the toys won't be out until December. That's why the Ame-Comi Harley & Ivy Holiday two-pack on page 144 makes perfect sense.

IDW's Transformers comics are on pages 164-166. The GI Joe comics are on pages 168/169.

McFarlane's new Walking Dead and Halo series are shown on page 216.

There's a Transformers Pop-Up Book on page 370.

And on page 371, Tomart's Action Figure Digest.

Page 380 has both BrickJournal and Lego Minifigures Year by Year, a visual guide to the little block figures.

There's a Zombie Optimus Prime t-shirt on page 394.

Page 403 has a more cartoony Prtimus Prime shirt, as well as a compltely WTF combo of MLP's Derpy Hooves and ED-209. What?

Robert Kirkman's Thief of Thieves comic is getting a Minimate box set on page 412.

Page 414 has a GitD Munsters Koach, and also the new Marvel Select Silver Surfer.

Pages 416-417 have a big spread of Sonic the Hedgehog toys.

If you like Axe-Cop, page 419 is for you!

And if you want Batman Mez-Itz, page 420 has some.

The new Hobbit figures are listed on page 426.

The new Wolverine Marvel Legends are a Previews exclusive, and you can order them on page 430.

Surprisingly, page 434 has a Walking Dead Minimates four-pack. Easy to overlook back there!

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2 Responses to Flippin' through Previews - July '13

  1. Rustin Parr says:

    So much bold!

    What hobbit figures are listed? Is it still that lame 3 figure 6" lineup?

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