Legendary Heroes Marv addendum

Good morning, jolly crackers!

In today's review of LCBH Series 2 Marv, you saw that the paint on the figure really wasn't very good. He's a dark black mess, and I only like that on Friday nights after a few heavy drinks! But what you may not have known - because none of us knew it - is that he was actually intended to look quite different to the one we got!

The figure was sculpted by Dave Cortes, yes? Well, here's his copy of the two-up:

Look at him! It's a thing of fricking beauty! The strong delineation between the black and white sections perfectly mimics Frank Miller's moody artwork, in a way the released figure just can't. Think how stunning it would have been to see that figure on a store shelf, backed by that bright blue packaging... outstanding! Now I'm even more disappointed by the Marv we got.

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