Flippin' Through Previews - December '08

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover. Scheduled to start shipping in February.

We normally don't pay any attention to 1:6 scale figures, but the Bruce Campbell 12" figure on page 58 looks pretty awesome. It comes with an angel and devil for his shoulders, in-scale bottles of drink, his book and even another toy. Plus, Bruce Campbell!

DC Direct is offering some exclusive Watchmen variants on page 131 - young Comedian, unmasked Rorschach and clear Dr. Manhattan.

Series 2 of the History of the DC Universe series features the Creeper, Aquaman, Flash and '70s Black Lightning. Page 135.

Page 137 reveals that the Birds of Prey are being added to the Ame-Comi line: specially, Black Canary and Huntress.

McFarlane is now offering helmet 3-packs to accessorize their 12" Halo toys. Wow. Halo fans may like page 164, which shows the deluxe 8" Hunter.

When it comes to modern rock, few guys are as iconic as Slash, which is probably why he's getting a 10" Guitar Hero toy.

There's actually something awesome for a change in the SportsPicks listings: MLB Cooperstown Series 6 gives us Lou Gehrig in his famous "retirement speech" pose.

The Marvel Select Marvel Girl figure (and her daughter/variant) really aren't as impressive as we'd hoped. See for yourself on page 184.

IDW's new GI Joe: Origins series begins with a listing on page 276. And while we're at it, see page 278-9 for a big Transformers spread.

Okay, on to the toy section! The GI Joe vehicles on page 381 look excellent. An Arctic HISS tank, the Cobra Stinger jeep, a relist of the Skyhawk and a glider/artillery gun set that includes our first updated Outback.

Remember the Mattel/Diamond partnership we were the first to tell you about? It's in action on page 385, where DC Universe Classics Series 7 is listed. It's nice you can get a whole set, but $17 per figure? That can't be right.

The screwy prices continue in the Marvel section on page 386: the 3 3/4 Marvel toys are listed at $12, and the new Spider-Man figures are supposedly $16. No way.

Page 389 has both good and bad offerings. The good Terminator Minimates, which are individually boxed for $5. The bad? A Twilight: Edward figure, based on the crappy movie.

Want to save the whales? "Voyage Home" Kirk and Spock will join you on page 390! And if you flip to Page 392, you can get Captain Picard in captain's chair.

And that's almost as cool as the Ultimate 1/4-scale Mace Windu right next to him.

There's a new assortment of Star Wars basic figures on page 394, including some creepy aliens and new Stormtroopers.

NECA's Street Fighter IV figures show up on page 398. Lookin' good!

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