OAFEnet Update for Thursday, December 11

The OAFEnet Email Update is the reason for the season.

Big-time busy week this week. Stores are stocking more merchandise, and we're stocking more reviews, including some that you may not want to read about at school or at work - everything's getting risque! But first, some breaking news:

  • KB Toys is closing all locations and liquidating their stock. That news showed up right as we were prepping the OEU, so you get to hear it first. Head out to the stores!
  • Our first review this week may just look like a caveman, but there's more lurking beneath the surface. Literally. Undressing a Barbie was never like this.
  • We were going to hold this Joe Friday review back until Old Toys Month, but that's not until February and you deserved to hear about it now.
  • Would you like to join the GI Joe team? How about Cobra? Or even the Oktober Guard? Well now you can.
  • Last week we reviewed four Star Wars figures - being gluttons for punishment, this week we reviewed three.
  • Since the weather is getting cold (in any hemisphere that matters), you may be thinking about buying some winter sports equipment. If you need a trainer, maybe she can help.
  • We kicked off a new series this week, Marvel Legends Monday. And to start it, what may be the most poseable ML figure to date.
  • Poe reviewed a figure that will really make you think.
  • While the cavewoman and the snow bunny could conceivably pass as normal figures, this one stretches the limits of credibility.
  • Not many superheroes wear the same glasses as your grandma, but there is at least one.
  • It's the beginning of a new month, which means it's time to go Flippin' Through Previews
  • How do you make a robot look human, without entering the uncanny valley? Transformers Tuesday has the answer.
  • DC Comics' Silver Age heroes were plagued by a common malady - they were defined more by power than personality. Some have outgrown that, but there's one loser who hasn't. See the dullest of them all.
  • This holiday favorite has a dark secret in his past. And we're not just talking about the rampant nudity, which you'll learn about at the end of the review.
  • In keeping with the theme, here's a review of a jolly, festive holiday elf. He's just missing the pointy shoes.
  • And to wrap up this super-sized week, a sexy genie.

If you've been paying attention to Poe's reviews, you can probably guess what we'll be posting on Friday and Saturday. But trust us, there are a lot more goodies waiting for you in the next week.

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