Frosty the Snowman addendum

This past May, someone from Draper, Utah, edited the Wikipedia page for Frosty the Snowman, adding the following paragraph:

In 1972, Walter Rollins admitted in an interview with Life magazine that initially the concept of Frosty the Snowman was written as a cautionary tale pertaining to the scare of "nuclear winter" and initially it was said that nuclear fallout mixed with the snow and children's dreams of a world without war were what brought Frosty to life, but the publishers and Gene Autry thought that the song would have more commercial value as a children's Christmas song.

For whatever reason (possibly because no one is paying any attention to the page for Christmas carols at the end of Spring), the unsourced claim remained in the page. Fast forward to winter, and lazy people doing research on the song started parroting the info without verifying it.

The concept of nuclear winter didn't even come about until the 1980s, a good decade after the supposed interview in which this info would have been revealed allegedly took place. Frosty the Snow Man has always been all about the magic.

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