OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, June 11

The OAFEnet Email Update is the ultimate in downloadable content.

  • If you read last week's Figuretoon, you may have already found the link to this week's Joe Friday. We like to cheat like that, slipping things out early whenever possible.
  • You think you have a bug problem? Then be glad you don't live in Karda Nui - this bug could knock you down and take your lunch money.
  • Foreshadowing is a tricky thing: you want to make it odd enough that no one will be able to guess where you're going, but it needs to be pretty blatant after the fact, so people don't feel like you were cheating them. For a great example, see our newest Star Wars review.
  • My god, it's full of stars.
  • yo has repeatedly declared the subject of this week's Marvel Monday to be the best Minimate ever. Do you agree, or is he lying to us all? Go read it and tell us.
  • Transformers Tuesday: not up to expectations?
  • This review had two versions posted this week. If you read the early version, with one small error in it, consider that a rare collectible!
  • All things being equal, Wednesday's superhero would have been a super villain.
  • Why do we always say that there are no bad characters, just bad writers? This is why.
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