OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, July 23

The OAFEnet Email Update is not at Comic-Con - and is jealous of you if you are.

Yes, it's nerd-prom time again, and only Rustin is anywhere near the fun. What a ripoff! All the goodies and excitement, and we, like you, can only experience it second-hand. On the plus side, that means we also avoid the slow-moving crowds, the overpacked panels, the Twilight fanatics and, on Sunday, the visible body odor. So it's kind of a toss-up.

  • Artemis' run of Joe Friday reviews continued this week, with a set that stretches the boundaries of the "only buying female figures" mandate. Lots of GI Joe figures are fully covered up, but this one had the added financial burden of including a giant vehicle.
  • Continuing the theme, our weekly Star Wars review was also a figure/vehicle pack. Well, sort of a vehicle. It's something you ride, definitely, but calling it a "vehicle" might be disingenuous.
  • One of our readers posted a bunch of new custom figures.
  • You know what the world needs more of? Small, ineffectual villains. Not giant terrifying ones like this guy.
  • Hey, look! Marvel Monday's review is a bunch of small, ineffectual villains! We totally didn't plan it that way. And they're only semi-ineffectual. Definitely small, though.
  • If there's one thing you can count on when buying a Japanese toy, it's that something about the toy will be weirdly creepy. In this case? Mission accomplished!
  • Transformers Tuesday inspired a neologism - a new word created to describe a situation that otherwise does not have a succinct name. This word is "adorrible," used for something that is at once cuddly and cute and also nightmarishly horrifying.
  • And speaking of Transformers, here's something new and fun you can do with toys that have been out for years at this point.
  • Wednesday we reviewed the plain human companion of an unbeatable super soldier. Which, obviously, means that this guy has to be at least a bit unbeatable as well.
  • And to wrap up the week, a bunch of athletic young girls in their underwear. I bet SDCC doesn't have that! What? They do? Dammit! Is there anything Comic-Con doesn't have? Besides 80% of the OAFEs, anyway.
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