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Today's new review is a Spartan wearing what is easily the rarest outfit in the world of Halo: Recon Armor.

McFarlane has made quite an assortment of armors for their Halo toyline, and I enjoy these figures so much that I decided I want at least one of every style they come out with. I'm not going to be suckered into buying 15 copies of the plain Master Chief just because they do him in new colors, but I will buy a figure with a new helmet, chest and shoulders.

Originally I planned to just get one color, and build a proper army. However, I quickly said "screw it" and went 180° the other direction: rather than having all the armors in one color, I'd get a different color for each version. Here's what I have thus far:

So that's all my Spartans - one of every armor (other than Hayabusa, so far), and mostly all in different colors. Yes, my EOD and Rogue are both olive, but that's it. And I was planning to get the upcoming White Hayabusa, but now I see my EVA is white, so that'll have to wait. Anyone have a suggestion for another color?

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