OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, August 13

The OAFEnet Email Update is plagued by blackouts.

(That's the electrical kind, not the alcohol kind.)

  • The new GI Joe movie opened this week, and of course were ready to jump on that bandwagon with our Joe Friday review.
  • If you read this update online, then you miss out on the Email Update Exclusive. Last week our email readers (hi, email readers!) got to check this fearsome fivesome without having to wait for the weekend.
  • Technically, our new Star Wars review never appeared in the films. It's an extrapolation of something that DID appear in the films, but this specifically? No. Still, can't blame Hasbro for getting imaginative.
  • Again this week, we had a double Marvel Monday. Starting with this figure, who proves tat you can be big, and yet too small, at the same time.
  • And our second Marvel Monday review is a quartet - and no, it's not the Fantastic Four! Think 20 years earlier, give or take.
  • And for Transformers Tuesday, this may be the least likely character to ever get a toy in any TF line. Most people didn't even remember he existed, and when you're talking about Transfans, that's no small feat!
  • Once upon a time, Wednesday's review would have done anything at all to steal all your quarters; these days, it's probably Microsoft Points or Playstation Bux or whatever the kids are into.
  • And finally, Thursday's review is another SDCC find, this one a surprising new version of a style that seemed to be dead. Innovation!
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