OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, December 3

The OAFEnet Email Update is still jammed full of turkey.

  • JOE FRIDAY! This is the second Storm Shadow in the "RoC" toyline: the first had him in his full coat and mask, totally "ninja-ed" up. This version is slightly more civilian, supposedly representing his appearance in the Paris segment of the film - thus the Paris Pursuit identifier. Of course, it's not quite accurate, since he was wearing a business suit... ...more
  • This is a set that's attracted some amount of criticism, due to a combination of cost (a perpetual source of low-grade grumbling from Lego fans - though, again, at least you get a good product for your dosh, compared to other overpriced toylines, which is most of them these days) and re-use of earlier designs. Both the Starfighter and the droid... ...more
  • Sam Keith has a very distinctive art style - there's nobody who draws like him. The sculpt captures that feeling without trying to duplicate it exactly, which means the muscles are huge and chunky, and the feet are MASSIVE! At least they'll keep him stable in big poses. Instead of shoes, Maxx wears complicated wrappings that look like cloth... ...more
  • MARVEL MONDAY! Marvel Legends, as you know, grew out of Spider-Man Classics, and the second series of that line was famous for its Daredevil figure (and even moreso, that figure's yellow variant). It's a nice turnaround, then, that what may end up being the final series of ML includes a yellow Daredevil - and that this time, he's the normal figure... ...more
  • TRANSFORMERS TUESDAY! Brawn is very good at hitting things, but not very good at thinking about the consequences of doing so. Yes, he can knock down a building with one punch, but rarely will he pause to make sure it's the RIGHT building he's knocking down. His circuitry is unsophisticated, and most of his components are designed for brute... ...more
  • Aquaman is a straight repaint of the basic "buff male" body. Since this version of Aquaman didn't even have gloves or fins on his calves, there's not a single bit of unique tooling on him, and the head is just a re-use of the one from classic Aquaman. Boring? Well, kind of, yeah. How good you think the sculpt is will depend on how good you think... ...more
  • Despite coming in the same two-pack, Karu-Sil and Romat-Ru's yellows are not the same: his is more lemon, while hers is closer to gold. And neither of them really match Sinestro, who was nearly orange by comparison, but that's (yet another) flaw with that figure, not with these two. Karu's neck is a markedly darker shade than any of the rest of her... ...more
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