The Maxx in motion

In today's review of Shocker Toys' The Maxx figure, yo talked about how MTV ran a cartoon based on that book in the '90s. Sadly, for whatever reason, MTV has decided not to release the series on DVD yet, so the only way to own it is via crappy bootlegs.

Imagine our surprise, though, to find that MTV has made the entire series available for free on their website! Awesome! That link will take you to all the videos, but to whet your appetite, here's Episode #1, complete with the long-forgotten introduction to MTV's Oddities:

Many are the darkling forgotten facets of our world, and boundless is our secret fascination with them. For the next half hour, turn not a blind third eye to these twilight anomalies. But rather, draw back the canvas portal and behold the wonderment that is MTV's Oddities!

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