Look at what Shocker Toys has done now!

Okay, so when Shocker Toys announced announced their plans for an Indie Spotlight line, we compared them to vaporware - a comparison that seemed especially true when they started losing licenses to ToyBiz and showed off unimpressive prototypes.

Well, if there's one thing we'll do at OAFEnet, it's admit when we're wrong.

Shocker has just posted new prototypes of their first two figures: Shadowhawk and Scud the Disposable Assassin. And now the Maxx, too. And holy crap, do they look good! Shadowhawk's a bit light on leg articulation, but man, everything else? Those are some great-looking prototypes!

We're supposed to see painted versions at Toy Fair next month, but honestly, do you think paint is going to make a big difference on those protos? Just make 'em out of good plastic, Shocker, and get 'em out at a good price, and as long as the paint stays within the lines, people are going to be happy. Sure, the idea of GWAR toys may have fallen apart at the seams (did it? those things never came out, right?), but Indie Legends might win folks back.

Now when can we expect to see them in person?

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