The problem with Shocker Toys' ShadowHawk

In today's review of the Indie Spotlight Series 1 ShadowHawk, we said that the costume design was all wrong, but that it wasn't worth making a list of all the inaccuracies. Well, apparently my time is worthless, because here's a list:

  • The helmet is the wrong shape - specifically, the cheeks come down too low.
  • The eye slits are checkmarks, rather than triangles.
  • The armor on his shoulders is rounded when it should be square.
  • His forearms should be black, not silver.
  • He's missing the spiked elbow pads.
  • He's also missing the spiked kneepads.
  • There should be a rectangular launcher on his left arm.
  • There should be ball bearings on his knuckles, and small claws on the back of each finger.

The costume seemed to change slightly every issue, but those are the major differences. The thing is, as we also said in the review, the toy's costume did show up in the comics - it was just never worn by Paul Johnstone, the guy whose bio is on the back of the card. If Shocker had just used a bio for Eddie Collins, the kid who inherited the costume, everything would have been okay.

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