Fox Sports Robot giveaway

Okay, so we're giving away the Fox Sports Robot, and it's easy to enter the contest:

Fox Sports Robot

You've read our review of Actionheads' Fox Sports Robot, and you know how good it is: now you have a chance to bring one home for free! OAFEnet is giving away both 10" and 3" versions of the Fox Sports Robot, so you can add this mechanical monster to your collection.

There are three easy ways to enter:

  1. Send an email and tell us who you think is going to win the Super Bowl.
  2. Read our message board, and throw your hat in the ring
  3. Be our friend here on MySpace

Fox Sports Robot

MYSPACE ENTRY RULES: Sometime on Sunday, Feb. 3, during the Super Bowl, we'll check out all our friends' profiles here on MySpace: if we're in your Top 8, you might win! That's all you have to do - if we show up on your front page, you could end up with a free Fox Sports Robot to call your own! And don't worry about being "too far down the list": we're going to look at everyone, then pick a winner randomly; it's not just the first person we find.

So if you want to impress all your friends Monday morning, don't talk about the new commercials, talk about the excellent Fox Sports Robot that you won the day before!

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