OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, January 14

Jay Leno is moving the OAFEnet Email Update from Thursdays to Fridays.

  • Some folks base their collections entirely around nostalgia: if it's not something they owned as a kid, they're not interested. It's a shame, too, because then you can miss out on things like this week's Joe Friday.
  • Poe provided a double-dip for Saturday, showcasing a pair of figures you probably never even saw in person.
  • Sunday's review is both surprisingly old, and surprisingly relevant. And for whatever reason, it includes attribution to the wrong company, though the reasons behind that choice are probably readily clear.
  • For Marvel Monday, yo did another of our trademark "rambling about the character's unknown backstory" reviews. On the plus side, if you read through it, you'll learn how to fix a common flaw.
  • We always try to review things people will enjoy, which is why Transformers Tuesday may seem out of place - it's based on an audience request.
  • Wednesday was the unveiling of last week's email preview - subscribers saw this last week, everybody else had to wait. Plus, there's one off-hand remark that may surprise you.
  • Our last new review of the week mixes a sugary adorable picture on the front page with a total prescription for brain bleach hidden in the review. Swinging from one extreme to another!
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