OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, August 12

Blow out your candles with the OAFEnet Email Update.

  • As you may recall from last week, we were reviewing every BAF we could get our hands on - in fact, we'd been hoarding the reviews, saving them up for a special occasion! One flowed over into this week, in lieu of Joe Friday.
  • Remember Shocka's insane ranting from last month's POA article? Monkey Boy doesn't share his opinion, judging by this review.
  • Sunday's review is for fans of things that are terrible.
  • This is a MOTU Monday week, and this one adds a new character to the old series.
  • Transformers Tuesday wasn't exactly an exclusive, but it is a figure you can only get under very specialized circumstances.
  • Our next review may the most adorable thing to come out of Britain since... something... very adorable? Sorry, can't think straight. Overwhelmed by the hotness.
  • And to close out the week, a woman in armor who's counting on you for guidance - just like Joan of Arc and God! But creepier.
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