OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, October 14

If you get too scared, we won't judge you for reading the OAFEnet Email Update with the lights on.

  • This week's Joe Friday continues a tradition begun last year - namely, playing up the "wear a costume" part of October.
  • Zombies aren't scary, because they can only shamble slowly, right? Well what if a zombie could fly?!
  • This review sparked the most discussion on our message board this week. Makes sense, since it's a terrifying vampire most people would be afraid to be anywhere near.
  • Do you know what things you can order from this month's Previews catalog? We'll tell you!
  • Fee fi fo fum, MotU Monday is a giant one!
  • Our Marvel Monday figure loves playing dress-up so much, you'll never know WHO she might be!
  • Rustin is still writing about Comic Con exclusives. Has that boy bought nothing else since August?
  • Transformers Tuesday is that old sci-fi staple, a little green man from outer space.
  • If you've spent all month wondering just what those figures are on our Horror Month banner, here's your answer.
  • Poe took a cue from Rustin - not an SDCC exclusive, but the same line.

Remember that you can track all our Horror Month reviews on our dedicated page; just click the banner at the top of our site to get there.

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