OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, October 7

It's Wes Craven's scariest work yet: the OAFEnet Email Update.

  • We started October off right, with a Joe Friday figure wearing a mask to conceal his identity.
  • And we followed that up with a magical witch. A completely not-safe-for-work witch.
  • Here's a two-pack of classic monsters, done in the classic colorless style.
  • We went a little crazy on Monday, offering three new reviews. This first was MotU Monday.
  • Then a Marvel Monday that may be the funniest thing we published all week.
  • And finally, a second MotU Monday, with a newer, better character.
  • Our Transformers Tuesday review has been described as "Frankensteined," and since it's assembled from various pieces culled from multiple sources, that seems just about right.
  • In the name of spooky horror, enjoy this look at a figure that came out long ago.
  • And finally, to close out the week, a new zombie review. Who doesn't like zombies? Nobody, that's who!

Remember, October is Horror Month, and you can track all our horrible work. Just click the banner at the top of every page to venture into scary territory!

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