Fansproject Combat Unit Colossus addendum

In today's review of the Crossfire XF-02 Combat Unit Appendage Add-on kits, we mentioned there was a ridiculously long bio explaining his origins. Here, enjoy!

The technology of combination was developed during the Civil War. By connecting the Energy Core of 5 independent warriors, the energy output will be amplified geometrically and eventually becomes a devastating power. However the technology is so powerful, the original AI can not keep in control, even with a well designed system division. As a result, there was no successful case until the Aerial Team Anataeus Assemblage. (A³). A3 is formed by 2 identical twins plus their elder brother. Such an unusual group formation gave an extremely high synchronization rating of their cores, and AI, and finally success in their combination experiment. The success of A³ changed the war situation immediately, which caused the rival camps to quickly launch project "Colossus."

To achieve a high synchronization rating, clone technology was applied. However, the result was a failure - they only achieved a high synchronization in their Energy Core, but the slight difference in their AI caused the Colossus to go insane, and destroy half of the research facilities. This disaster was ended when the Colossus crashed into the reactor and blew himself up, with two members being lose, it resulted with the whole Project to become sustained. The chief engineer, Explorer, was accused for full responsibility on the incident and declared the death penalty.

Being desperate, Explorer agreed to turn himself into a test subject in exchange for his life. He modified himself, and designed extra control circuit blocks, around the body, to stabilize the power output. He even rolled out Munitioner from the Project Colossus 2.0, and modified his AI so that he can fully control the weapon system.

With Explorer's brilliant AI, the Colossus is finally controllable, and named as Combat Unit Colossus Combination (C³). C³ is equipped with a wide range of weapons, from Anti-Material rifle to saber, which makes him the most powerful, all-around soldier. However when Explorer's mind is getting weak, C³ will easily go out of control and attack whoever he sees, making him a fearful monster for both enemy and allies.

It actually makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? And now, back to the review!

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