The origin of Dex-Starr

In today's review of Mera and Dex-Starr, we mentioned the evil kitty's surprisingly Earth-bound origins. Here, see for yourself:

Aww, innit cute? He must be a British blue, to have that coloring. Anyway, his story continues:

Oh no! Danger! What will happen to our plucky young hero!?

There are two more pages in his origin, but we're not going to just show them here - you'll have to click through to see them. Why won't we show them? Because the final five panels in this story are sadder than watching one of those Sarah McLachlan ASPCA ads. Totally worth it though, so now that you know it's coming, click through and read the last two pages of Dex-Starr's origin...

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One Response to The origin of Dex-Starr

  1. The Son's Dad says:

    Fuckin' fuckin' sad man! This is the 4rt time that i see it, and still think its fuckin' ugly! Poor cat! i feel so fucking sad about him :S

    You're fuckin' awesome kitty!

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