Flippin' through Previews - May '15

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover. Scheduled to start shipping in July.

DC's He-Man: The Eternity War is still going, and is on page 128.

Page 147 has two Bruce Timm offerings: a Joker/Harley Quinn Mad Love set, and the big three from the new Gods and Monsters movie.

DC Direct is picking up Mattel's slack with the DC Comics Icons series. Page 150 has Batman, Deadman, Green Arrow and Mr. Miracle. Page 154 has Flash, Blue Beetle, Black Adam and Lex Luthor. And page 155 has Green Lantern with a big fancy ring construct space suit.

Page 156 has an Arkham Origins three-pack featuring Lady Shiva, the Electrocutioner, and Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

IDW's Transformers comics are on pages 165 and 168/9. GI Joe is on 170. My Little Pony is on 177. Jem is on 181.

Page 246 features several Walking Dead releases - Comic Series 4, a new b/w pair, and an exclusive TV two-pack.

DST's new Ghostbusters figures look great. We start with Ray, Winston, and Louis Tully. That's on page 490.

Then, on page 492, we've got their Gotham figures - Selina, Penguin, and Jim Gordon.

Page 494 features a Pulp Fiction "Bring out the Gimp" box set. Yay?

Flip to 496, and you'll see the Zombie Jay & Silent Bob two-pack.

That same page also features the Marvel Select Dr. Strange.

There are going to be Predator Minimates. Those are listed on page 497.

Page 498 has three new Universal Select figures: The Wolf Man, the Mummy, and a Lucy Westenra to go with last year's Van Helsing!

Pages 506/7 have a bunch of Marvel Superhero Mashers, though you've probably already seen them in stores.

NECA's 1/4 scale Batman Returns Penguin is listed on page 508.

And page 510 features the 6" Rocketeer figure we've all been waiting for!

There's a videogame Godzilla from NECA on page 514.

Similarly, page 516 has a videogame Alien.

Page 517 has the new Pacific Rim stuff.

And page 518 has the videogame Gremlin.

Remember the I Am Elemental Kickstarter figures? You can order them on page 523.

Lots of Transformers toys on pages 524-6.

Mezco is present on page 527, with some Mortal Kombat exclusives.

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