Xevoz Series 5: Rollercop

Let's get silly!

Like the Scarabushi we showed you last year, this figure didn't have any control art, but lucky for us, when Xevoz designer Ben Hitmar shared this picture, he also gave it a name. What do you call a Robocop on rollerblades? Rollercop!

He has lots of leg protection, which makes sense when you combine the wheels on his feet with the jet boosters on his back. His weapon is some sort of combo of nightstick and sword, and that translucent blue thing is probably a clamp that can fire at fleeing suspects. The red and blue lights on his shoulder armor and his backpack are excellent touches: the blue is translucent, like the weapon, and while the red is just painted on here, it might have also been translucent on the final product. The badge is a molded part of his chest plate, not a separate piece.

Also like Scarabushi, Rollercop made it to the test shot phase, which is how we know he also would have come with a blue energy shield:

Rollercop testshot

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