DC Direct White Lantern Batman & Flash addendum

Aforementioned in the review of White Lantern Batman and White Lantern Flash, getting the figures at C2E2 was a surprisingly untroubled endeavor.

As per the typical nightmare, Graphitti advertised time for away-from-the-booth ticket grabs to win a chance to get a wristband to buy the figures - ugh, here we go again. To make things worse, the timing coincided with the opening of the convention, so no stragglers allowed. I got in line to enter the hall at 9:30am, and once it opened at 10am I made a bee line straight to the raffle area and found, much to my non surprise a long line. However, it actually moved semi-steadily, the first of several surprises.

Despite the noted length I would say I was at the front in about five to seven minutes, and once there was shocked to find they were simply distributing wristbands - that's right, no raffle! Huzzah! The wristbands were labeled with blocks of time during which you could go to the Graphitti booth and purchase your figures, so at noon I made my way to the booth and got in the non existent line for purchasing. Man, things couldn't have gotten any better - and then the girl working the booth asked, "do you want one set or two sets?" Holy $#!&! "Two please," and $88 dollars later (the figures are $20 each and Graphitti is always kind enough to charge tax on top...) not only did I have a set of figures but so did my best friend. My god. In every way the literal opposite of SDCC 2009 and 2010! High-Five Graphitti! High-Five.

This was a perfect way to handle distribution - separate queue line for a guaranteed ability to purchase broken up sequentially by time. It makes fans happy because it removes the chaos and uncertainty and it makes the vendor happy because buyers aren't upset, they have a schedule that gives them a relatively accurate number of how many units they'll need on hand by time of the day and promises an orderly and thorough sell-through. I can only hope this carries over for all of their future convention exclusive sales.

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