GI Joe Movie Watch 2 - Dwayne Johnson?

According to, Dwayne Johnson is rumored to be in talks for GI Joe 2 as a familiar old character: the rhyme-talkin', fancy-cookin', heavy machine gun-totin' Roadblock.

A few things to keep in mind: fans are surely going to complain that "Roadblock's supposed to be black, wah wah wah," but race has never really been an important part of Roadblock's personality. He's the big guy who carries a gun that's meant to be mounted on a vehicle - there's nothing in there that says his skin has to have a certain level of melanin. And besides, Johnson is far from a pale white guy, so it's not like they'd be turning Roadblock into a Norwegian. And think of the persona The Rock brings to his movie roles: a little bit jocular, but with a hard edge beneath. Now compare that to the Roadblock you know from the '80s, who was a combo of brute strength and a less-than-serious attitude. The guy took time to make up silly little rhymes while he was under heavy fire, for crying out loud!

Secondly, remember that there were similar rumors for the first movie, that Dwayne Johnson would be playing Shipwreck in a cameo, and that didn't pan out. So take this with a heavy dose of salt.

But hey, Marvin Hinton was a gourmet cook, right? "Can you smell-ll-ll-ll-ll-ll-ll-ll what the Roadblock is cooking?"

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3 Responses to GI Joe Movie Watch 2 - Dwayne Johnson?

  1. Geoff says:

    "Roadblock's supposed to be black, wah wah wah,"

    Good thing the Rock's black as well, then.

    *sigh* I hate idiot fanboys.

  2. I'm all for Dwayne in whatever role they give him. I think he would have made a top-notch Shipwreck. Ole Ship has a heap of personality, just like Johnson does.

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