OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, June 23

The OAFEnet Email Update plans to win a Grammy.

  • Freebooter Friday wears its origins on its sleeve. Yes, even the guy who doesn't have any sleeves.
  • Who do you blame for an ugly toy? The company that made it, or the one who created the original design?
  • Why wait until October for horror toys, when you can read something scary right now?
  • This Marvel Monday review is four times the fun of a standard review.
  • Drape a sheet over your head and pretend you're a ghost while you read Transformers Tuesday.
  • Most superheroes are reassuring. Not this guy, though!
  • Rustin's recap of his amazing themepark adventures continues - this time with reviews of food!

We didn't have quite as many blog posts this week as we did last week, but if you haven't been, you missed three blog-exclusive reviews.

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