Elder Predator addendum

In today's review of the NECA Predator 2 Elder Predator, we mentioned the most important accessory, a flintlock pistol from 1715. That single prop spoke of an entire history of the Predator race, just another expansion added by the second movie.

But did you ever wonder what the story was behind that gun? Well, writer Henry Gilroy and artist Igor Kordey did, because they created a story for A Decade of Dark Horse #1 titled "Predator: 1718."

Ooh, that's a nicely moody piece of art, isn't it? Let's get on with the story.

Oh snap, someone's in trouble now! That's nice coloring work on the "stealth mode," isn't it? Much easier to do in comics than in film, obviously.

Just to interject here, we've told you before that the Predator fans like to make up names for the Preds. NECA calls the figure in today's review "Elder Predator"; on-set, he was known as "Greyback," likening him to the gorilla; one of his fan nicknames is "Golden Angel," based on this page in the story.

Notice that the Predator is still only repeating sounds it heard, not actually speaking English on its own.

Nice ending. If you can't track down a copy of A Decade of Dark Horse #1, you can still own a copy of this story (and several others) in Predator Omnibus Volume 2. If you're a Predator fan, we really suggest you buy Dark Horse Comics' various omnia for more fun stories.

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  1. JMP says:

    This prove that Predators are not really evil its just Hunting is in there nature

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