OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, September 1

The OAFEnet Email Update created the hurriquake.

Today is September 1, so our anniversary month is over now. But this OEU is still filled with the coolest SDCC exclusives, so get readin'!

  • We started with a Disney villain. A BIG Disney villain! One that gets big in their particular film, though that's not really what this represents.
  • And as long as we're talking about big villains, this is one of the biggest.
  • From there we moved to a thematic two-pack, with some fun head-swapping possibilities.
  • Marvel Monday is a set of figures that ygr, unusually, says he might leave in the package.
  • We reviewed a Marvel toy on Tuesday, too.
  • And then, for the last day of August, an exclusive that's not from San Diego, but is one everybody is scrambling to find anyway.
  • To close out the week and usher in the new month, we have a new NECA toy using an old body.

This week on the blog we had a a review, a video and even a Transformers Tuesday! There's also a call for help that you can still add your thoughts to.

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