OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, September 15

A brand-new season starts for the OAFEnet Email Update.

  • Batman comes with a small black display stand and one other accessory, a batarang. Like in the game, in can be folded in half, which is a nice touch. Unfortunately, collectors have to wait for the Armored Batman in Series 2 to get a grapple gun. More and more, we're seeing toy companies...
  • We've reviewed the original Lion-O before - earlier this year, in fact - so trust us when we say we have a really good sense of how the old toys actually were, not a half-remembered fantasy colored by nostalgia. We may be slaves to the past, but only in concept, not in execution... ...more
  • MARVEL MONDAY! The Warriors Three are sold individually (as figures 08, 09 and 10 in the "Thor" line), but we reviewed them as a set because let's face it: they're a team. Hasbro could have put them in a three-pack and sold them that way. Maybe then they would have shown up in stores on time... ...more
  • TRANSFORMERS TUESDAY! Previous Laserbeaks have all just been shaped like "bird" - they were all far too blocky to resemble any real creatures. The movie designs are more organic, though, so this time Laserbeak looks like a buzzard. He has a round head with a short, sharp beak, and large bulbous... ...more
  • Clearly Mattel recognized how ridiculous it is to be making "Superfriends" toys and decided to play it up. That line about welding microelectronics? That happened in in Season 4's "Dive to Disaster." The list of his powers below the bio also include turning himself to pure electricity, flying... ...more
  • This week: a massive catch-up from weeks away. ...more

Be sure to visit our blog, too, because this week we have some cool pictures, a quick review and a video we think you'll enjoy.

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