Yo Joe! A Real American Hip-Hop Musical

So here's something we just learned about tonight:

That's a teaser for a musical currently being staged in Chicago:

Chicago - Red Star Studio Productions proudly presents Yo Joe! - A Real American Hiop-Hop Musical, a parody of the beloved, patriotic cartoon/toy franchise. It's comedy, combat and '80s nostalgia set to a catchy, origincal hip-hop score. Heroic good faces off with shadowy evil when it's discovered the action figures kids buy in stores could be the final key to world domination. With ninjas, psychically-connected twins, sexy spies and masked supervillains - it's a wildly colorful blast of musical comedy. Fans have long wished the original cartoons were this much fun.

If we'd known about this earlier, we would have sent our own Rustin Parr to cover opening night! The show got a good write-up in the Tribune, earning three stars (out of four).

If you visit the musical's website, or their account on YouTube, you can find a few examples of pre-show music and even a few parody PSAs.

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  1. Justin says:

    This show looks and sounds hilarious. Myself and the guys from the What's on Joe Mind Podcast interviewed the creators behind it a few weeks ago:


    They are hilarious! Greg, also from the podcast checked the show out last week and loved it. Glad it's getting some mainstream love from places like the Tribune.

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