OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, September 29

The OAFEnet Email Update is waiting axiously to buy some candy corn.

The oppressive heat of summer is finally fading, packing its bags and migrating south to go visit Shocka for a while. Good riddance! To the heat, not to Shocka. He's staying right where he is.

  • Children of the '80s will love this one, even though it was wildly inappropriate for them at the time.
  • In the tradition of Joe Friday and MOTU Monday, we jokingly referred to this review as "Baturday," which people seemed to like. Sadly, there probably aren't enough Batman figures to make that a very long-lived feature.
  • If the main play feature of a toy is the ability to put on and take off little clothes, doesn't that make it a doll, rather than an action figure?
  • A popular villain? Shortpacked and hard to find? Oh, Marvel Monday, you're always full of the most unexpected news!
  • That figure was easier to find than what we had on deck for Transformers Tuesday.
  • This review gets dangerously meta: it's a toy, and it includes toys *OF* toys. Crazy, isn't it?
  • Rustin remembered to do his Spoils of the Week post again, this time with a lot of monsters and a little disappointment.

This week on the blog we have a raging death battle, a new review, and a surprising list that can use YOUR input. Go see if there's any info you can add.

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