OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, January 12

Smuggle the OAFEnet Email Update in secret!

  • What matters more: innovation or honoring the past? That's the question Joe Friday asks.
  • A review that answers the question "what the hell is going on with that paint?" It makes more sense than you think.
  • It's nice when you have low expectations for a figure, and it turns out to be really well made. That's the upside of this hobby.
  • Marvel Monday gets smart, offering a two-pack of two guys who just don't work solo.
  • Bad news lurks in this Transformers Tuesday review, and it'll draw more attention to what is, so far, our most popular blog post.
  • Rustin only bought one kind of toy this week. Find out which.
  • It's hard to say why, but this figure makes it feel like someone is trolling us.
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