OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, January 5

Happy year of the apocalypse from the OAFEnet Email Update.

Honestly, the whole "the Mayans said the world is going to end in 2012" thing is stupid. So stupid, in fact, that we'll use this same opening in the first OEU of 2013 to remind you HOW stupid it was.

  • The design of this Joe Friday figure seems confused about what it's supposed to represent.
  • We reviewed one of the ToY nominees this week - of course, it was a nominee for Worst of the Year, but that's still a nominee.
  • Sunday's new review suffers from a distinct lack of accessories, but apparently that part of the budget went into paint.
  • Marvel Monday feels like a ripoff.
  • Do you like math? Then you'll love our new Point of Articulation.
  • Wednesday's review is character stolen almost whole cloth from a different character. Who was himself stolen from a previous character.
  • Wondering what Rustin bought this week? Things he shouldn't have.

Be sure to hit the blog this week. We've got the new Previews catalog, a Lego set you WISH you could get, a Transformers crossover and more. You'll want to see it all!

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