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That's right, we reviewed a My Little Pony set today. Got a problem with that? Then nerd rapper MC Chris has something to tell you:

Lyrics after the cut:

You can't tell me what toys I can play with
You can't tell me not to grow my crops
You can't tell me which sex I can marry
Its so scary the weird way that you watch

Straight out of Ponyville
Motherfucker named Twilight
Don't call her Belle
Sweetie Bell raise hell and beat you in barfight

She's unicorn
Horn got the force move shit around and teleport
But she's a pony
That's a horse that will but of course cavort for sport

Like Spike on Rarity clydesdale clarity
There's the horse that I hunger for
Fluttershy got those butter thighs
Bumblesweet but with a little bit of mumblecore

Pinkemena is mean motherfucker
Pullin' pranks with Rainbow Dash
They don't give a fuck if your shit's fucked up
They gonna fall back and laugh


You know the type
Make you think about suicide they're so super hype
Then you know my Pinkie Pie is freakafied
Whatever sweets inside won't suffice

(beat) Dash is lass with the rainbow mane
Pass so fast make you lose your cool
She's a mine detector a cloud collector
When's the last time you heard a rainbow boom?

Everytime somebody rocks a rainbow
Like R2 or Lucky Charms
They gotta get all aggro back in the backroom
Make sure nobody doin' anybody any harm

Bunch of baloney just a bunch of ponies
Save that horseshit for your barn
The only danger in this manger
Is finding friendship on the farm


Don't talk smack unless they force you
If it's Applejack you might taste her horseshoe
Help her with the harvest if she requests it,
Her heart is the part that is heavily invested

Herd not a pack with some stand back dramatics,
Don't panic when they stampede through the static
You heard that it's whack, heard frienship is magic
Better than back in the paddock

Some ponies know their cutie marks
And some must crusade
Some people know their role in life,
And some others must wait
I love My Little Pony
My Little Pony is great
I wish that people were ponies
Then life wouldn't be lame


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3 Responses to MC Chris - Discord

  1. Yven says:

    The show looks quite cool, reminds me of Powerpuff Girls, which was an awesome one. I totally loved it and the movie and also bought three of those toy box sets with a PPG and a accessoireset. And if that's not nerdy enough, I always liked Blossom the most, just everything nice lol. Buttercup and Bubbles were great, too, though, especially when Bubbles did not really do anything more than chewing gum in one episode, or the one she got angry, lol. Sadly, I did not know that there were different types of the toy sets, so I got all girls with the same accessoires. I have them still ovp in some box. So, no problem for me with the ponies! 😉 Those manic cartoons are far better than lot on tv these days. I have to look out for it on german tv here.

  2. Yven says:

    lol, I can still remember me roleplaying 80es MLP with a girl I was befriend with in kindergarten. I don't remeber which pony she was, but I took the little dragon, lol. Great times, Ghostbusters, Transformers, M.A.S.K. and MLP, lol, though I was not very into the show and had no toys of them. But the dragon was cool. XD

  3. Yelinna says:

    This song is 20% cooler than the MLP intro song!
    But nothing can be more awesome that the song This Day Aria in Symphonic Metal 🙂
    Yep, I'm a brony

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