Minimate Mini-Review #48 - Gamora & Nova

We return with Part 2 of our fan-demanded 365 Days of Minimate reviews!

#2 of 365 - Gamora/Nova

Adopted and experimented upon by the mad titan Thanos, Gamora's enhanced strength, reflexes, healing factor and training made her the galaxy's most dangerous female assassin!

When she first showed up, Gamora wore a fishnet body stocking, but this is a more modern incarnation, so she's traded that in for... well, for something that's equally impractical. Beneath her hooded brown cloak she's wearing what looks like a high fashion swimsuit - yes, even more than most superheroine costumes look like bathing suits. It even has (painted) straps running around her torso! The costume is green and gold, just like her skin (the patches around her eyes are natural coloring) and painted very well. She gets new hair, with molded loop earrings, and comes with her sword Godslayer.

Empowered by the intergalactic Nova Corps, Richard Rider travels the universe while responding to emergencies of every variety with super-strength, flight, energy blasts and the powerful Xandarian Woldmind at his disposal.

Like Gamora, Nova is wearing his modern costume, not the classic. In fact, this two-pack seems to be based on the cover of Nova #10. The costume is a combination of paint details and new pieces. The helmet, belt and gauntlets are add-ons, while the armor on his abdomen and the details on his pants are flat. Other than the shin guards, which should be just as three-dimensional as his gloves, it's all done very well. The colors choices are good, too, though the gold used is darker than the prototype. It's not a problem, he's just not as vibrant as he would have been otherwise.

Nova's bulbous helmet can be removed, and he has brown hair to replace it so he's not running around bald. The hair is a shaggy mess, but surprisingly it's not the same piece included with a few Tony Starks. His eyes are blank white, which works fine when they're peeking through the helmet, but looks odd when he's bareheaded.

Clearly the only reason these two became Minimates was because of how popular the Annihilation storyline was (it ran from 2006-7, and the Minimates came out in January 2009), but that's fine. The only problem is that there aren't any more Annihilation figures to go with them.

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6 Responses to Minimate Mini-Review #48 - Gamora & Nova

  1. VECTORFAN says:


  2. Soundwinder says:

    ... and I just realized that Nova's name is Dick Rider.

  3. yo go re says:

    Did you not read the intro to the last one? Just for you, it's 365 Days of Minimates! We will hammer the love into you!

    And really, using "gay" as an insult? What are you, in fourth grade? Grow up...

    • VECTORFAN says:

      Kudos on the Mlp review. Most people (and sites) generally ignore the whole franchise. Although I do hate how the brony subculture has made it nearly impossible to admit to enjoying the show without being shunned. -_-

  4. Nightboomfer says:

    Well, we have a Drax in his classic costume in Minimate form, and the Super-Skrull with the Marvel Vs Capcom minimates. Hopefully we get a Rocket Raccoon at some point.

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