Soon Forget: MotU Horde Trooper

This is the latest in a series (of indefinite length and regularity) of blog posts memorializing cancelled toys. Our figure today is NECA's Masters of the Universe Horde Trooper.

The Trooper would have been part of the MotU ministatue line, showing what Hordak's cannon-fodder soldiers would have looked like as designed by the Four Horsemen:

The Horde Trooper would have been in the same series as Spikor (as seen in today's review), presumably along with an unknown third figure. Six series of ministatues were released, all in sets of three; the cancelled Kobra Khan and Faker two-pack would likely have been part of Series 7, meaning Spikor and the Horde Trooper would have been part of Series 8 at the earliest.

Other characters the Four Horsemen said they planned to do include

  • a new Skeletor
  • Moss Man
  • Horde Armor He-Man (with classic Zodac blaster)
  • "New Adventures" Armor He-Man

No specifics were given, and no work was done on those, so we can only imagine what would have been. The ministatue line was superior to MotU Classics.

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