Minimate Mini-Review #82 - Extremis Iron Man & Titanium Man

#82 - Extremis Iron Man/Titanium Man

Just a quick note, here: despite what the number up above says, this is actually our 100th Minimate Mini-Review! A milestone!

Created with bleeding edge techno-organic components, the Extremis armor gives Iron Man instant access to global communications systems, advanced vectored Repulsor fields and even simultaneous control over multiple Iron Man armors.

This is actually the second attempt at creating the Extremis armor, but it works much better this time - mostly because this time it actually gets its own molds, rather than being clumsily painted onto existing pieces. All the armor - helmet, chest cap, gloves, waist cap and boots - is new for this release, and it's detailed very well. They probably could have created the look just through paint, but if he had to get 3D pieces, at least they're good.

The reason Art Asylum didn't just paint on his armor? Because if you remove it, you get to see Tony in his stripped-down undersuit. It's red and gold (rather than yellow), and while it doesn't really look like the undersuit in the comics, it gets the idea across. There are extra Minimate hands and feet to replace the armor you take off, and a new piece of hair so Tony's not bald. Technically the suit covered all of his head except his face, so they could have gotten away with that; but maybe that would have looked too weird. Hey, nothing wrong with getting a new Tony Stark head.

Part of a secret soviet program to create their own Iron Man armor, former KGB agent Boris Bullski donned a series of revolutionary armors as Titanium Man. Undeterred by his defeats at Iron Man's hands, each loss resulted in new designs and potentially dangerous upgrades.

Finally somebody makes the right version of Titanium Man! We don't want this skinny Titanium Man that nobody recognizes, we want the fat old suit - and man, did AA do a killer job on it here! He has sculpted boots and gloves, and is adorned with a skirt and a powerhouse chest. There are thin black lines painted on the chest and arms to create all the tiny details. Sadly? The details don't continue on the back, so he looks incomplete from behind. The helmet is a new mold, and looks exactly like the "tv screen" face in the comics.

As with Iron Man, you can strip Titanium Man of his armor. And unlike the decadent capitalist swine Tony Stark, Boris Bullski does not need a fancy interface suit - he goes barechested beneath his mighty armor! He has enough hair on his chest to make Wolverine jealous, and his hair is receeding. The detail on the face is very impressive, and you can tell at a glance he's an evil guy. The set includes a set of bare arms for him, and a pair of black feet so he doesn't have to wear the boots.

This is one of those sets that make us sad AA can't make 3" Marvel Minimates: Titanium Man is supposed to be giant, but that just can't be accomplished in this style. He's still quite nice though, and the Extremis Iron Man is a welcome update.

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  1. Soundwinder says:

    So... why is this #82, then?

  2. Bigbot says:

    Why is it that Art Asylum can't do 3" Minimates? I'm guessing it's in their contract, but why would Marvel not want them to be allowed to do that?

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