OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, November 8

Sorry for the wait, everyone: we were so confident that we wouldn't need to write an OAFEnet Email Update this week that we didn't bother until hours it was obvious we would.

  • Technically this review should have been been in last week's email, but we thought it better to hold off and restrict that to just Horror Month reviews.
  • Believe it or not, some people didn't know what to make of this review.
  • So, is Marvel Monday based on the comics, or the movies? Neither. Both. We don't know, you get to decide.
  • Subscribers have been waiting a month and a half to see this review get posted. It was previewed in the email in September, but got pushed back.
  • Rustin's shopping had a clearly identifiable theme this week.

This week on the blog we had the usual assortment of reviews and funny stuffbut also the new Previews catalog and news about a toy show happening this Sunday.

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