Two-- no, THREE podcasts

So you know William B. West, who writes for us sometimes? He appeared on two different podcasts recently and mentioned us on both of them!

As detailed in this post, both the casts he was on happened to be #44 of their respective series. That's some Lost-level number craziness, right there!

Anyway, the first appearance was on Dave and Devall's Toys and Collectibles, where he discussed the much-reviled TRU bump-up program. Here's a direct link to the audio.

And then, on the Cold Slither Podcast, he tells a few of the same stories, but only at the beginning. And we only get a quick shout-out at the end, but the whole show is funny. Give it a listen!

And as if that weren't enough, we got a third mention! This one from Engineernerd on the Action Figure Blues episode 38. This one comes much closer to the beginning, but we're been around for 10 years, now: when will people start pronouncing our name correctly? It's OAFE, not Oh Ay Eff Eee. OAFE. One word. Anyway, listen to that one for an interview with NECA's Randy Falk, who talks about how he got into the industry and how he does his job.

Remember, if you want some free publicity for your podcast, that's all it takes: talk about us. Well, talk about us and let us know. Because if we don't know, how can we possibly tell anyone else?

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  1. yo go re says:

    That mystery ad is for the Lego Rock Raiders. You know, the line theme that was eventually retooled to be the Power Miners...

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