Buy a Transformer, donate to Toys for Tots

Reliable online retailer Big Bad Toy Store has a pretty cool promotion going on now through the 16th: preorder a Fansproject release, and they'll donate $20 worth of toys to Toys for Tots.

FansProject and BigBadToyStore are teaming up to help out children in need this holiday season! FansProject and BigBadToyStore will be donating $20 (wholesale cost) worth of toys to the Toys for Tots organization for every piece of the Function X-1 figure preordered by December 16th. We'll gather up the huge donation on December 17th and deliver it to Toys for Tots and we'll post images shortly after that.

This figure is a four wheeled vehicle that converts to robot mode and it features two scoped rifles - that is all we can tell you for now!

Preorder now and help us make Christmas memorable for many great children out there.

Now, granted, that's not a lot of information on a $70 preorder, but we can tease a little more information out with some research.

"Function X" is Fansproject's name for their new line of "not" Headmasters (wink wink). They have at least six Function X releases planned, and if you look at the image they released, there's only one figure that matches the description of "four wheeled vehicle that converts to robot mode and it features two scoped rifles." Here it is:

For those of you who aren't obsessive Transformer nerds, that's clearly an update of the old Headmaster Chromedome, which should give you an idea of what colors the final toy will be.

So, you buy that toy (which, judging by Fansproject's previous releases, will probably be really good) and BBTS donates $20 worth of toys (at wholesale prices) to Toys for Tots in your honor. Pretty good deal, no?

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2 Responses to Buy a Transformer, donate to Toys for Tots

  1. OAFE says:

    Big Bad Toy Store just posted an update showing all the toys they're donating because of this promo. Way to go, everyone who ordered!

    • yo go re says:

      Well nuts. I was considering buying one, but then I forgot until it was already the 17th. I'm glad they got so much, though...

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