Minimate Mini-Review #92 - Lt. Colonel James Rhodes & Air Assault Drone

#92 - Lt. Colonel James Rhodes/Air Assault Drone

A dedicated Lt. Colonel and patriotic member of the US military, James Rhodes's testimony before Senator's Stern [sic] committee forces Tony Stark to call his friend's true loyalties into question.

We already had a Senate Hearing Tony Stark, so it's nice to get Senate Hearing Rhodey to go with him (even if they don't call him that). The figure is wearing his dark blue Air Force uniform, and has the same head as the previous exclusive. The jacket is a retooled version of the one that originally came from Series 22's Gen. Thunderbolt Ross - this one still has the necktie and the pins on his chest, but has changed the pockets. It makes the body a bit bigger than Don Cheadle's would be, but this is a good likeness.

Specifically designed for aerial maneuvering and atmospheric combat conditions, a handful of these advanced Black Drones are capable of destroying entire squadrons of traditional fighter jets.

Black? They're not black, they're grey. Whatever. Remember when we said that the Navy Drone was called the Air Assault Drone on its box? Well, this figure was called the Sea Assault Drone as a single-pack, and is called the Air Assault Drone here. How do we know this is the right name? Because we compared them to Hasbro's and this is clearly the Air Force drone. It's got the same head as the others, and the same feet, but its arms now have the fins on one outsides, and the curvy backpack has been glued onto the chest cap.

This set is hands-down the best way to get a military Hammer Drone: to get the Navy and Marines, you had to find someone who bought the counter dump; to get the Army, you had to buy the pigeon-toed Iron Man. But the Air Force one comes with a fairly unique Rhodey, making this set a winner.

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