OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, February 21

The OAFEnet Email Update would like to appologize for the way it dropped out of the sky over Russia this week.

  • Joe Friday is a foreign figure. Unless you live in the place where it's not, and then all the other ones are foreign.
  • This Old Toys Month review is a reader request. A request from last year. Which makes this review "old" in more ways than one.
  • We had another MotU Monday, but not quite as "pulled from the past" as the last one we did.
  • This may be a new release with a new design, but it's hard for Transformers Tuesday to not fit Old Toys Month. We'd have to specifically try to make it not fit.
  • And finally, this toy is so old that even the "future" it comes from is now in the past. Science!

Rustin's got his newest Spoils on the blog, naturally. Be amazed at what he's found! And by everything else you see before you.

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