GI Joe Retaliation Firefly addendum: the face behind the mask

In today's review of GI Joe: Retaliation Firefly, Monkey Boy said that this was the first time there's been an unmasked 3¾" Firefly. However, that doesn't mean this is the first time there's ever been an unmasked Firefly.

For instance, perhaps you'll recall Sigma 6 Firefly, who was released in 2006:

Nice, nice. But if you're feeling charitable, how about this 12" Firefly from 2002? He's definitely showing a lot more face than any previous version:

But even that one isn't the first first time Firefly's face was seen. See, in an issue of the GI Joe comic, Firefly takes off his mask on-panel, becoming the final major "masked" character to be revealed: he unmasked in #126, Destro lost the bucket in #97 (1990), Snake-Eyes in #93, Zartan in #84 (both 1989), Cobra Commander way back in #55 (1987), and Storm Shadow in #52 (1986).

Anyway, back on topic. In 1992, Firefly took off his mask for the first time:

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4 Responses to GI Joe Retaliation Firefly addendum: the face behind the mask

  1. yo go re says:

    What about Storm Shadow? He was a masked character too...

  2. Nega says:

    The comic panel came first, because that 12" Firefly is not from 1992, he's from 2002.There was no 12" Firefly from the vintage ARAH run 1982-1994. He may have a copy right on his body, but that maybe reused body parts. Not even sure about that, as the 12" Hall of Fame body used in the early 1990's was different from the one used on 2002 figures.

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