Flippin' through Previews - June '13

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover. Scheduled to start shipping in August.

DC Direct has Batman Arkham Origins toys on page 140: Batman and Black Mask.

On page 141, there are Pandora and Black Adam figures.

There's a new Ame-Comi figure? Steampunk Batgirl? Neat! See he ron page 142.

The 3¾" scale figures on page 144 are Catwoman vs. Doomsday.

Page 145 has Arkham City two-packs: Batman/Bane, Hammer/Harley, and Sickle/Penguin.

And on page 146, another $100 7-pack, mixing heroes and villains.

IDW's My Little Pony comics are on pages 164/165, GI Joe on pages 166-168, and Transformers on pages 169/170.

We now jump to the back, where a set of Invincible Minimates is on page 412.

Fans of the Universal Monsters can get a b&w three-pack on page 414.

The 1966 Batman figures are shown on page 419.

On the same page, you'll find Big Screen Superstars, blind-packed, superdeformed, 3" tall figures of horror movie icons.

Page 420 has Batman and DC Unlimited figures, plus blind-boxed DC Mez-Itz.

If you haven't already gotten the Man of Steel toys, you can order them on page 422.

A lot of long-awaited GI Joe toys are listed on page 426 - including Kwinn!

Amok Time horror figures are coming out again, so page 429 has Elvira, Tarman, Dr. Tongue and Bub.

Page 429 also has Marvel Legends.

On page 430 you can see the Avengers action figures, meant to tie in with the new cartoon.

Hasbro's Star Wars toys are listed on pages 435/6, including the new collector-oriented "Black Series."

And the various Transformers lines take up pages 437-439.

The Figma Link and Samus Aran figures that were cancelled before and now relisted on page 462.

And on page 505, the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special is coming to DVD.

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